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Writing to animation, animation to writing..my focus switches back and forth.

Am definitely going to need to switch to writing more script than 'novel' type text in the coming year, but I'm not bothered by the unfinished novel...cos I just built a 3D dragon... :)

More writing stuff

I've more or less given up animation for the time being, because I am so stuck into my written sf WiP.
I am currently down to sleeping every other night, and doing writing all nighters on the ones I stay up.
The story is still coming along, although I have been writing more outline and skip-ahead scenes than pushing the current 'last written bit' further.

I have switched critique groups. My previous crit group was great but delivered the stories/chapters into my email account, which had the effect of making one part of my brain label them 'chores' and they weren't getting done.

So I switched to sff.onlinewritingworkshop.com where its a custom web interface. This works much better for me, and I have knocked out a few reviews, some of which seemed to go down well.
One story I have been reviewing bits of:


...although I'm not sure that is the same version.

I sent my prologue/chapter1 in and got some useful crits. It was in a bit of a sorry state, mostly because it included the original ideas in sketched out form, from when I first started it.
But the chapters best bit got noticed and commented on and it was liked yay! :)
So I've now got no prologue/synopsis, and another scene to write.

I am especially happy with my 'female' character, who is turning out ok in my head at least; no reviewers have read her parts yet. I've got quite a few points built up, so I may put up several pieces at once when I do upload.

Don't know why tf I'm writing this journal, I am pretty sure it has a readership of one, but its obviously filling some kind of role here.

Its a nice day, I gotta go see teh meatspace.

Word Count or Revision

I got a foot up, starting my WIP, by telling myself to just write it all the way to the end, ignoring quality. It gave me a boost, as did sketching out the ending.

Now however I find the first few thousand words to suck so bad I don't even want to upload them to a workshop.

I've polished them a bit, cut some rubbish and uploaded a few thousand words.

But right now I've got to decide to press on, to just-get-it-finished or rewrite what I have already got (25,000).

Weird that I don't delete this journal, as I don't need it. I just like something about LJ, and I think the theme is ace. My tiddlywiki theme is pretty cool as well. Good design can be inspiring.

Helpful Writing Software

I have recently had a fresh attempt at finishing a sci-fi story. I have started writing an sf novel several times, and never succeeded in finishing one.

This time I have a new tool: TiddlyWiki.

TiddlyWiki is a single html file that contains a wiki. I have found that it helps enormously to keep track of all the little details of my setting. I use it like a glossary on steroids.

I still haven't finished my novel, but TiddlyWiki is helping.